Must-Have Experience: Riding the Revelstoke Coaster

Winter in Revelstoke Mountain Resort feels something like this: skis balanced on the cusp of a slope, steep drop at your feet, and then, the feeling of elation as you free fall into your ride. It’s fast, thrilling and sure to get the adrenaline pumping.

Well now you can get the same buzz in summer. But in a totally different way. Instead of skis, step into an individual rollercoaster carriage and belt up for a ride like no other.

Revelstoke Coaster, Revelstoke

Photo by Ian Houghton courtesy of Revelstoke Mountain Resort


Revelstoke’s Pipe Mountain Coaster is a single-track drop down 279 vertical metres on 1.4 kilometres of high-speed rail. From the starting point at Revelation Lodge, the coaster nose-dives into a tunnel, emerging to unexpected twists and turns as it plummets down the mountainside.

Speed reaches up to 42km/h but can be controlled from the carriage; giving you the choice of an easy-going cruise or racy ride.

Sound like your type of thing? Here’s what recent visitor Brii Auger thought when she rode the coaster soon after it opened in May 2016.

“I was super excited,” she says. “I really didn’t know what to expect.”

Brii stopped at Revelstoke during a road trip through the Kootenay Rockies. She’d only been to the resort during the ski season, so was excited to experience the mountain in summer.

“The gondola ride to the top was lovely. It was a clear, warm day and the view over Revelstoke was amazing. I even saw an airplane fly through the valley.”

Revelstoke Coaster

Photo by Brii Auger


And then came the ride. “It basically felt like riding a go kart on a pipe,” she laughs, remembering the dainty carriages. “It didn’t feel like it’d be able to hold your weight, but (thankfully) it does.

“The ride reached impressive speeds. It jolted around corners so I never knew what to expect,” she says.

“And the views on the way down were beautiful. The pipeline twisted through bushes, greenery and pretty meadows. It was lovely to see the mountain in full bloom.

“I had such a good time I bought a second ride. One turn wasn’t enough!” she says.

Revelstoke coaster, Revelstoke

Photo by Ian Houghton courtesy of Revelstoke Mountain Resort


After the ride, get a taste for the rest of Revelstoke. The Revelation Lodge has a generous breakfast buffet for those who make it up the mountain early. Enormous windows and a large deck make it a great place to soak up some morning sunshine.

Or grab an afternoon drink at the Rockford Wok. You can relax on the patio, enjoy valley views and choose something from the wok-inspired menu if the thrill of the ride worked up an appetite.

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